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With the recent rains came problems with mold.  Our neighbor, Alex Gibson, sends this suggestion to encapsulate the mold.  This is a strategy that will work on wall surfaces if the studs behind the wall surface haven’t gotten wet and are not supporting mold.  If the studs have mold the wall board will have to be removed and the studs themselves will need to be encapsulated.

Alex writes:

“I thought I might direct you to Global Encasement.  Their website is www.Encasement.com The Company has added a few products to the abatement line – most notably for “mold” – while they are telling the world that in addition to being cost effective they are GREEN – and have been since day one.”

Thanks, Alex.

NOTE:  Neighborhoods other than Peachtree Hills have joined our efforts to save money by conserving resources, so we have changed our weekly tip’s masthead to Greening Neighborhoods to be more inclusive.

Also, please contribute your ideas and suggestions to our weekly tips – that way we can include subjects that are of immediate importance.


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