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Many Items Will be Accepted

On March  26th, participate in an eco-friendly way to do some spring cleaning. This event provides an opportunity to easily and safely dispose of many of the items you’ve wanted to get rid of, but aren’t safe for the regular trash pick-up.  We will be collecting electronics, paper (for shredding), paint, and prescription medication.

Please read below for more specific details about what we will (and will not) be able to accept and which zip codes are eligible.  Residents interested in this event MUST pre-register before the event.

The best way to dispose of your items is to register on the website below and take your items to the recycle site. For those of us in the Peachtree Hills Neighborhood only, if you can not transport items yourself, or have too few to warrant a special trip, call a Greening Neighborhood representative – George Hornbein (404-304-7399),  Rob Aaron ( 404-345-9053) or Lew Engle (404-405-2576) to arrange for a neighborhood pick-up.

For more details click this link

Here’s a partial list of items that will be recycled

  • old computers and electronics
  • medications
  • unused paint
  • important documents that need to be shredded
  • magazines
  • cardboard
  • paperback books
  • printer cartridges
  • household furnishings less than ten years old
  • batteries
  • fluorescent light bulbs



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