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The City of Atlanta’s popular SHINE program will end on March 31st.

SHINE offers up to $3,500 in rebates toward qualified energy saving improvements to our homes.  Here’s how it works.

  • Get an energy audit from a City approved contractor.  Receive a 50% rebate on the audit cost.
  • A prioritized list of energy saving improvements will be given to you from the audit results.
  • When you make improvements suggested by the audit, starting with the ones that will save the most energy, you will receive up to $3,500 in cash rebates for insulation, air leak sealing, and replacement of old, inefficient heating/cooling equipment.

A number of Greening Neighborhoods members have taken advantage of SHINE.  The graph below shows the savings Carolyn, Jane and Dave realized.

Dave and Jane reduced their heating bills be 35% after making recommended improvements.  Carolyn saved a whopping 70%.  During the energy audit a two foot by two foot hole was found behind her refrigerator that was allowing heated air to escape outside.  The hole was properly repaired.

Here’s a way to get an idea of how much gas we are using to heat our homes.  Thanks to prudent energy saving improvements made over the years one of our neighbors lives in a very energy efficient two bed room, two bath, 1,500 square foot home.  His December gas bill was 78 therms.  After deducting an estimated 5 therms for cooking and heating water, he divided 73 therms by the size of his home, 1,500 square feet, to get his gas use per square foot, 0.049 therms.  73/1,500 = 0.049 therms per square foot.

We can do the same for our homes.  Take the December, 2011 gas bill and find out how many therms we used.  Deduct 2.5 therms per family member for cooking and heating water.  Divide that number by the size of the heated rooms in our homes.  Therms/size of home = therms per square foot.  Let us know how your home compares to 0.049 therms per square foot.

If you miss out on the SHINE program, click on the NRG SVRS site for a free energy audit offered to Greening Neighborhoods members.

To do your own energy audit click on Greening Neighborhoods’ “Energy Audit” tab.

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