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Greening Neighborhoods has developed ways to save money by conserving energy and resources. The eight subject groups listed below describe how to save money:

  1. Lower Gasoline Bills through alternative transportation.
  2. Lower Heating and Cooling Bills by conserving energy.
  3. Lower Water Bills by managing water use.
  4. Control Solar Heat Gain by controlling sun light.
  5. Lower Lighting & Electric Bills with efficient light bulbs and Energy Star appliances.
  6. Reduce Household Waste by recycling.
  7. Buy Local Eat Local to reduce transportation cost of goods, services, and materials.
  8. Improve Indoor Air Quality for a healthy environment .
  • Lower Gasoline Bills

    Through Alternative Transportation

    Objective: Reduce fuel bills, lower carbon footprint from personal vehicles.

    By reducing use of personal vehicles, by walking to nearby destinations, by taking public transportation and by sharing rides, significant amounts of money will be saved and our carbon footprint will be reduced…

  • Lower Heating and Cooling Bills

    By Using Less Oil, Natural Gas and Electricity

    Objective: Reduce heating and cooling bills, decrease carbon footprint

    By taking small steps to control air leaks by weather-stripping and heat loss by insulating our homes, significant savings will be realized.

  • Lower Water Bills

    By Managing Municipal Water and Using Rain Water

    Objective: Replace the use of municipal water with rain water when possible and reduce overall municipal water useage

    By taking a few inexpensive measures and committing to a few minor changes in behavior, individuals can easily reduce water consumption.

  • Control Solar Heat Gain

    Reduce the Heat Island Effect

    Objective: Control solar energy to capture heat in the winter and prevent over heating in the summer.

    By using reflective building materials and shading devices in the summer, heat gain will be reduced and cooling bills will be lower. By allowing direct sunlight into homes in the winter, we can take advantage of natural solar heat gain and lower heating bills.

  • Lower Lighting & Electric Bills

    By Light Pollution Reduction and Lighting Efficiencies

    Objective: Use outdoor lighting fixtures that are shielded so no light is directed upward or off the lot. Use interior fixtures that have automatic shut off devices. Use low-energy consuming light bulbs.

    By using lighting devices that do not “spill” light where it is not needed and by using new low energy, high output lamps, good savings can be had for minimal cash outlay.

  • Reduce Household Waste

    Separate and Properly Dispose of Recylicables

    Objective: Recycle waste materials to avoid using land fills

    By recycling paper, metals, glass and certain plastics our household waste will be significantly reduced. By composting non-meat table scraps further waste reduction can be achieved. Some communities have city-wide curb recycling pick up programs. A few others have curbside compost pickup programs. If we reduce the load on municipal trash pick up our communities can lower waste pick-up charges.

  • Buy Local Eat Local

    Garden, Use Regional Materials and Renewable Materials

    Objective: To reduce transportation costs of purchased goods, services and materials.

    By purchasing locally grown foods, locally manufactured goods and local services, costs of transportation are reduced and money is exchanged within the local communities helping the local economy.

  • Improve Indoor Air Quality

    Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

    Objective: To create a healthy living environment

    By using non-toxic cleaning products, cosmetics, and construction materials; by changing filters on furnaces, and by eliminating condensate leaks from air conditioning equipment, the home environment will be healthier and the chance of future medical bills will be reduced.

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